Heated Wiper Blades


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The first patented heated beam blade. No more iced up wiper blades, getting out in the freezing cold with frozen hands and fingers.

Automatic Heated Beam Blades

Useful For:
  • Cars
• Trucks
• School Buses
• Transport Buses
• Shuttle Buses
• Semi-Trucks
• Ambulances
• Fire Trucks
• E-Units
• Delivery Vans
• Motor Homes
• Tractors
Harness Package and Two Blades
Harness Wires and Two Blades
Works at -40 Degrees!

Durable, affordable, easy to install. Greatly reduces or eliminates icy buildup on the wiper assembly, improving operator visibility.

In cold weather while the car is in operation, the Temperature Sensor will turn the blades on automatically. Each Ice-E-Liminator draws approximately 1-1.5 amps of current. Very low draw on your battery.

The Ice-E-Liminators will stay above freezing, at -40° the blades will be approximately 50°, at 32° they will be approximately 130°. This means the blades and squeegee will be pliable and ice will not build up in winter. All components meet automotive specs.

Made and assembled in Michigan

Since the invention of the automobile, different individuals have tried to come up with ways to keep the windshield clean so they could have good, safe vision. First, came the mechanical wiper, next the motorized wiper. After that the intermittent wiper was invented. Still later someone invented the heated wiper blade, but it didn't work very well on the mechanical style wiper blade. But now with the invention of beam blades, HWB has patented new and innovative types of heated wiper blades that really work. They help keep ice and snow off of the wiper blades which makes for clearer vision in winter. The heated wipers keep the beam blades flexible so they can do a good job.

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Heated Wiper Blades

10901 Northland Drive Rockford, MI 49341


Patent # 7,721,382 & 9,003,595
Other Patents Pending